Solar powered trailer deployment in disastr

Footprint Project & NUE Partner in CA & TN for Portable Solar Solutions

Footprint Project is once again partnering with New Use Energy (NUE) to bring solar powered solutions to communities in need. Through NUE equipment donations, Footprint Project has been able to provide solar generators to power communications equipment and refrigeration for first responders, partner relief organizations, and community mutual aid groups. During the upcoming storm season, Footprint and New Use Energy will continue to work together to provide power during storms and power outages.

Currently, solar equipment from New Use Energy is deployed on Treasure Island, an area in San Francisco County in California that endures frequent power outages. The equipment has been used several times, helping the island residents maintain their necessary power needs. 

NUE works with organizations like Footprint Project to provide portable solar equipment for many other communities in need. This equipment replaces fossil fuel-based systems that feed into climate change and air pollution. In addition to utilizing new equipment, NUE also repurposes solar equipment and keeps batteries and panels out of landfills for continued, reliable use. Part of their mission is to make clean, quiet, and secure power sources accessible to all. 

The portable solar equipment provided by NUE can be stored in solar trailers and rapidly distributed to power life-saving communication equipment. Their clean, solar power fulfills the need for WiFi, lighting, medical, refrigeration, and water pumping. Recently, Footprint Project activated equipment donated by New Use Energy to Fayette County, Texas after the winter storms that left communities without power. Footprint Project was able to use this clean power to help Texans needing emergency power for vaccination sites and first responder communication needs.

NUE and Footprint Project have also worked together in the past, increasing the accessibility of solar equipment during disaster events.

A NUE solar trailer, providing power for the community

In April 2020, two devastating EF3 tornadoes hit Nashville and Chattanooga. With equipment donated by New Use Energy, Footprint Project volunteers were able to arrive with clean power within 12 hours. In Nashville, two solar trailers provided emergency solar recharging for over 1,200 people. These trailers completely powered two community donation and distribution centers. In Chattanooga, the NUE solar trailer was the only means of charging electronics in order to maintain communication. It was also able to provide power to nearly 200 residents of the most hard-hit neighborhood, the Holly Hills Subdivision. 

During the upcoming storm season, Footprint and New Use Energy will continue to work together to not only reduce CO2 emissions but to provide sustainable, reliable resources to communities around the country. 
Footprint Project is thankful for our partners like New Use Energy who support their mission to help #BuildBackGreener after disasters by providing cleaner energy to communities in crisis.