Disaster relief and resilience is in our DNA as a company, with the concepts that led to products such as the SunKit and SunCanopy originating from NUE’s work with strategic partner, Footprint Project, whose mission is to support communities in crisis by providing clean sustainable energy after climate disasters. We have a long history of working with NGOs and county emergency managers. The demanding, unpredictable nature of disaster relief operations have helped forge NUE’s products into what they are today.

Whether you’re an emergency manager, firefighter, military, first responder or law enforcement officer, our comprehensive line up of products can meet your power needs ranging from small medical support to powering an entire basecamp.


Clean Power

Eliminates the use of
small gasoline generators

Solar First

Recharge quickly and safely
when grid power is unavailable

Safety First

Can be used safely indoors and avoids
toxic fumes and loud noise


Easy to move and set up
in new locations when necessary

Multiple Options

Product line up gives you a
variety of options to meet
your specific needs

Easy to Manage

Simple to train staff for
deployment and set up

“This amazing team at NUE filled an essential gap for Third Wave Volunteer first responders, after hurricane Ida struck southern Louisiana in 2021 knocking out the power grids leaving millions of people without electricity.

Thanks to NUE’s products we had clean, easy to use, safe portable power for our command camp operations which included a mess hall, aid tent, medical volunteer tents, a field hospital with refrigeration, freezers, lighting and power for communications for our Telehealth programs. 

We have deep gratitude to NUE for helping us become the first fully run solar command camp operating in USA disasters while other NGO’s were still running on loud gas generators. We are excited to grow our partnership with NUE in 2022. “

Dr. Alison Thompson
Founder of Third Wave Volunteers

WATCH: NUE with Ventura County Firefighters


WEBINAR: Using Solar Generators for Emergency Management – Deploying After Hurricanes

One of the biggest challenges after a hurricane is providing safe and reliable power to those affected by the storm. In this free webinar, we’ll discuss how NUE products were deployed in Louisiana after Hurricane Ida’s impact.
Join us as we’ll cover:
  • Challenges with logistics
  • Security of products
  • What matters most to people
  • Where solar generators can deliver and where they can’t

WEBINAR: How to Use Solar Generators for Emergency Management


As emergency managers around the country are being called up on to manage emergencies ranging from wildfires, winter storms, hurricanes and even pandemic-related challenges, the need for reliable, clean and quiet power has grown exponentially.

In this webinar, we covered:

  • How solar generators can help you as emergency managers
  • How solar generators have been deployed in emergency management situations
  • A case study from an emergency management professional on how he’s used solar generators in his community


  • Lee Feliciano, COO, New Use Energy
  • Will Heegaard, Operations Director, Footprint Project
  • Craig Moreau, Chief of Emergency Management, Fayette County, Texas

WEBINAR: Solar Generators & Emergency Management


In this webinar, we chat with Fayette County, TX Chief of Emergency Management and Houston firefighter Craig Moreau about his experience using solar generators for emergency management.


  • Lee Feliciano, COO, New Use Energy
  • Craig Moreau, Chief of Emergency Management, Fayette County, Texas