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News, education & more from New Use Energy (NUE) on affordable clean solar energy and advancements in rechargeable lithium ion batteries.

Lithium-ion vs. Lead-acid Batteries: What’s the Difference?

Whether you are new to using solar energy or have been for years, you may be debating between lithium-ion vs. lead-acid batteries. These two batteries…

How do Power Outages Impact Us & How Can We Be the Solution?

Let’s face it, power outages are inconvenient. But for many people, losing power is more than a simple inconvenience. For millions of people, having power…

Wildfire Season is Upon Us: How NUE Equipment Helps Communities in Crisis with Clean Energy

While NUE is a young company, our work in disaster relief and recovery operations goes back to at least 2018. At that time, one of…

Wiring Solar Panels in Series vs. Parallel

Wiring your own solar panels? Find out when it makes sense to wire in parallel or in a series and how to do so.

Footprint Project & NUE Partner in CA & TN for Portable Solar Solutions

Through NUE equipment donations of solar solutions, Footprint Project has been able to provide solar generators to power communications equipment and refrigeration for first responders,…

New Use Energy and Rent Solar Merge as Portable Solar Powerhouse

New Use Energy Solutions Inc. (NUE-S) and Footprint GBC. (DBA Rent.Solar) announce a definitive merger agreement for NUE portable solar.
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