Solar Charge Controller 40A/40A

MSRP: $182
The M54015 Lumiax Magic series charge controllers allow you to efficiently draw solar energy in a variety of environments. They also can use RS485 communication protocol. Conversion and tracking efficiency is above 99%. This Charge controller features real-display and operational data on a large LCD screen. More importantly, it is Bluetooth-controlled through the solar-life app (available on both Android and iPhone App Stores). This allows the controller to have advanced communications with your phone. Control your solar on your phone!


Max Charging Current 40A
MPPT Charging Voltage <29/58V@25°C
Boost Voltage <29/58V@25°C
Equal Voltage 29.6/59.2V @25°C (liquid, AGM)
Float Voltage 27.4/54.8V @25°C
Low Volt Disconnect 21.6~23.6V/43.247.2V, SOC1~S
Reconnect Voltage 23.2~25.6V/46.4~51.2V
Overcharge Protect 31.0/62.0V
Max volt on bat. terminal 65V
Temp. Compensation ~4.17mV/K per cell (Boost, Equal) | ~3.33mV/K per cell (Float)
Battery Type Liquid, Gel, AGM
Max volt on PV terminal 150V
Max input power 1040/1800W
Dusk/Dawn detect volt 16.0/32.0V
MPPT tracking range (Battery voltage + 1.0V) ~Voc*0.9
Output Current 30A
Max tracking efficiency >99.9%
Dimensions (mm) 189*255*89
Weight 2600g
Self consumption 12mA
Ambient temperature -20~+55°C
Storage temperature -25~+80°C
Protection degree IP32
Max altitude 4000m