PowerPac Large

MSRP: $5,446

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The PowerPac 6200 Pro displaces larger portable generators, featuring unrivaled energy storage and power output for the size and cost, thanks to premium CATL LiFePO4 cells. Charge from 10% to a full battery in under five hours via AC charger or from peak solar input.


May be eligible for tax credits under the Inflation Reduction Act.  Consult your tax professional.


A powerful and rugged lithium-ion energy storage system for significant power demands


2000w inverter with 6200wh of stored energy and industry leading 876w AC charger at only 144lbs


Quick connect to external 40 Amp MPPT charge controller (included with kit). Use conventional or flexible solar panel arrays up to 150Voc.


Uses premium Tier 1 CATL LiFePO4 battery cells with Battery Management System and a main DC circuit breaker.


During a power outage, keep vital equipment powered with 2 120V outputs, 6 USB outlets and 8 micro-USB outlets from 3 to over 200 hours*


Run power tools, fans, pumps, multiple battery chargers, mobile medical equipment, and more…

What does it power?

CPAP/Desktop Computer/Large Fridge

Operating Hours: 30 Hours

35L-Minute Water Pump/Jigasaw

Operating Hours: 10 Hours


Small Electric Car

Operating Hours: 20 Hours


Why we use LiFeP04

We only use LiFePO4 cells from premium cell manufacturers to ensure the safest solutions for our customers. LiFePO4 is recognized by the solar industry as a safer solution than NMC (Nickel-Manganese-Cobalt) batteries used in electric vehicles. LiFePO4 also does not include cobalt.

Product Videos

PowerPac 2000W/6200Wh Overview

PowerPac Large Overview


POWERPACS PowerPac 6200whr
SKU PPS 2000-6200
Battery Chemistry LiFePO4
Nominal Stored Energy 6200Wh AC Output 110V AC Output
Storage Temperature Range 14°F – 131°F (-10°C – 55°C)
Operating Temperature Range 32°F – 122°F (0°C – 50°C)
Charging Temperature Range 32°F – 113°F (0°C to 45°C)
Charging Options AC: 876W; DC (PV): External PV Charge Controller 1000W
Estimated Charge Time Under 3 hours with incorporated AC charger or PV
External Casing Ruggedized Plastic Casing
Inverter Output Power 2200W Continuous
Inverter Surge Capacity Microsecond surge to 2700, 10 second surge to 2200, and one minute surge to 1800
Battery Management System Integrated Indicator Light Binary Charge State Indicator Light
Estimated Cycle Life Greater than 5,000 cycles with normal use Weight 144lbs (65 kg) Dimensions (L x W x H) 17’’ x 10’’ x 24”/ 36” with handle extended (431 x 255 x 610/914 mm)
Warranty 1 Year Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty