SunKit International

MSRP: Starting at $7,900

220V Portable Solar Generator and Uninterruptable Power Supply

The SunKit International is a quick-to-deploy solar alternative to portable generators. It houses a 5kw Inverter and advanced 5.1kWh LifePO4 battery. The unit can accommodate up to 4kw of solar. Performance highlights include less than 10 milisecond transfer time and parrallelability of inverters and batteries. The SunKit International features advanced bluetooth controls that allow for easy programming and management for the user.


A reliable, flexible and powerful portable solar solution that brings affordable clean energy to anyone, anywhere.


Power most 240V tools or appliances while simultaneously charging from solar


Inverter system in neat pre-wired interior with advanced industrial breakers and fuses


6000 cycle and 5kw inverter can handle tough loads and run for years


No need to refuel as with a diesel generator


System functions as a UPS with less than 10 millisecond transfer time


Easy set-up and take-down. 1 person moves using wheels and grips. 2-3 person lift.


Connect to any standard solar panel through MC4 connectors or AC sources through 15 amp sockets.


Breakers protect all outputs, fuses protect all inputs and the system is pre-wired. The LFP battery is in a tidy compartment.

What does it power?

Cell Phone, Tablet or Power Tool Charger/LED Bulb/Router
Operating Hours: Over 100+ Hours

Starlink System/Fiber Optic Splicer/LED TV/Small Fridge/Laptop Charger/Patient Monitor
Operating Hours: 25 Hours

Ventilator/CPAP/Desktop Computer/Large Fridge
Operating Hours: 13 Hours

35L per minute Water Pump/5,000 BTU Window Air Conditioner
Operating Hours: 4 Hours

IT and Telecomms Equipment/Larger Power Tools
Operating Hours: 8 Hours

Portable Induction Cook-Top/Toaster Oven
Operating Hours: Up to 3 Hours

Why we use LiFeP04

We only use LiFePO4 cells from premium cell manufacturers to ensure the safest solutions for our customers. LiFePO4 is recognized by the solar industry as a safer solution than NMC (Nickel-Manganese-Cobalt) batteries used in electric vehicles. LiFePO4 also does not include cobalt.

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