WEBINAR: Solar Generators in Ukraine: A Case Study on Resilience

Wednesday, November 30 at 12pm ET/9 am PT
Join us for this free webinar where we’ll discuss how people facing intermittent and unreliable grid conditions in tough environments can use solar generators to power critical infrastructure. 

A Case Study on Resilience

With over 30% of the country’s power stations destroyed from attacks, Ukraine faces an extreme challenge to provide reliable and consistent electric power to citizens. In this webinar, we’ll talk about our experience powering hospitals, field clinics and much more in Ukraine through the use of solar generators and panels.

Join us as our presenters will cover:

• Ease of use:  (Ukrainian deployments by first time users)
• Differences of gas generators and battery generators
• Lithium battery charging winter and summer
• How to manage power usage
• Logistical challenges
• Security concerns

The webinar will also feature a live training of solar generators and portable panels by NUE COO Lee Feliciano.

Special Webinar Guests

Yarema Ivakhiv
Director of Energy Systems
NGO Zatyshne Misto
Lviv, Ukraine

Mr. Ivakhiv, an accomplished Ukrainian businessman, has, as a volunteer, coordinated over 100 solar generator and PowerPac deployments in Ukraine since the start of the war. He will be summarizing various use cases and experiences from hospitals and field hospitals to first responders working close to the front lines.

Dr. Dmytro F.
Mykolaiv Hospital

Full name, position and photo withheld due to security concerns

Dr. Dmytro will share his experiences dealing with rocket attacks and constant grid failures and subsequently operating 4 solar generators with portable solar panels to power surgical wards and emergency rooms in a hospital miles away from the front lines. He will discuss what equipment it powers and his challenges and successes deploying this new technology.

Shachar Zahavi
SmartAID International
Founding Partner

SmartAID is helping prevent thousands of Ukrainians from freezing to death this winter. The organization delivers humanitarian aid with integrated and innovative tech where they’re needed most, globally. 

Webinar Hosts

Lee Feliciano
New Use Energy COO

At New Use Energy one of Lee’s roles is to actively solicit input from users of NUE’s products in the field and integrate this feedback into future product iterations. The primary source of this feedback is disaster relief and recovery operations including deployments after the earthquakes in Puerto Rico, Hurricane Ida and many others. NUE has a strategic partnership with Footprint Project, a MN based not-for-profit whose mission is to provide cleaner energy for communities in crisis.

Paul Shmotolokha
New Use Energy CEO
Paul brings 20 years experience providing back up powering solutions in over 100 countries to the electricity challenges facing Ukraine today. As the Ukrainian-American CEO of New Use Energy, Paul has been working since February to bring more resilience to Ukrainian hospitals not just with solar generators but also enabling other NGO’s distribute their resilience focused technology solutions in Ukraine.

About New Use Energy

NUE engineers and assembles mobile and rapidly deployable solar solutions for commercial and professional users. It works with customers in the emergency management/ disaster relief, outdoor events, construction and telco markets displacing fossil fuel generators. NUE’s products range from ultra portable powerpacs to modular SunKits™ to multi-purpose SunWing™ trailers and lightweight but powerful SunTarp™ folding solar arrays. Every NUE product is designed to operate as an offgrid solar system.

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NUE Featured by U.S. Chamber of Commerce

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Customer Testimonial: TAPS Ukraine

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