Our Products

Ultra Portable

PowerPacs are the ideal solution for temporary power outages, short term deployment and running lower power equipment. From 800Wh to 6200Wh.

Rapidly Deployable

Highly mobile 2-4kw solar generators with 2-10kWh of LiFeP04 battery storage that work with almost any solar panel

Mobile Solar Panels

Lightweight and portable solar panels that connect to any solar generator

Solar Trailers

A quick to deploy, self-regenerating system that can be ready to go in minutes. Featuring the latest innovations in solar + battery technology.

LiFePO4 Batteries

Safe and energy dense LiFePO4 batteries for solar and efficient energy backup

Our Social Impact

Through strategic relationships with our partners, NUE products have
been deployed and performed in the toughest conditions to provide
portable power solutions for disaster relief victims across the country.