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New Use Energy (NUE) creates mobile solar and LiFePO4 battery solutions that can be deployed quickly and cost effectively. Our flexible systems adapt to your changing power needs, functioning as indispensable emergency preparedness tools or powering events and leisure time. You can now rely less on noisy, smelly fossil-fuel portable generators and enjoy clean, off-grid solar plus battery power. Even if your needs take you to less sunny regions, NUE’s powerful solar inverters and lithium batteries keep things running.

What Sets Us Apart

NUE Products

Whether you're a disaster-relief organization looking for reliable, clean power or a homeowner living off-grid, we have an off grid solar plus battery product to suit your needs. Our LiFePO4 battery products range from individual emergency preparedness tools like our PowerPac 830 (830wh) to the MOSGEN mobile distributed emergency response unit that can support an entire community’s needs.

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What We Do

NUE engineers and manufactures affordable solar plus lithium battery power systems which replace traditional fossil fuel-based portable generators.
The first solar-powered COVID clinic in Matamoros, Mexico
Powering a COVID treatment station with portable, clean power

What That Means

NUE’s business model has two key aspects:

NUE mobile solar products emphasize mobility as well as field serviceability to maximize their usable life. They set up quickly with straightforward technology that provides a sensible, sustainable solution to power needs.

New Use Energy customers include remote communities unserved or underserved by utilities, communities impacted by natural disasters and businesses or individuals seeking a clean, quiet and secure source of remote or emergency power. NUE has a strategic relationship with whose mission is to help communities affected by disasters build back greener by powering relief and recovery operations using solar energy.

Mobile solar and lithium battery solutions
Powering a COVID treatment station with portable, clean power
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Our Team

With over 100 combined years in international business experience, solar technology and emergency response, we have the knowledge and expertise to drive battery technology forward.
Stacy Wilde

Stacy Wilde

Chief of Environment, Social & Governance

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CFO Advisor
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Eric Youngren

Executive VP of Product Development
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Nate Heegaard

VP Customer Experience